About Us

Kitl Australia is a sole distributor for Australia and New Zealand of cold processed syrups imported from Europe. Kitl nutritional syrups are made from organic herbs and ingredients and are available in four flavours: Elderflower, Ginger, Mint and Grapefruit. Each 500ml bottle makes 5.5 litres of home-made beverages. Can be consumed cold or warm just by adding water. Available in selected Health Food Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and Organic Markets. Syrups are ideal for flavoured sodas, cocktails and mocktails.


Delicious, Natural Herbal Syrups

At Kitl Australia, it is our mission to deliver delicious and healthy, nutritional, cold pressed herbal syrups to you. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that all of the ingredients we use are of the highest quality. Our syrups are prepared from a blend of organic herbs that ensure our syrups are not only delicious, but healthy and nutritious as well. Most other syrups you will find on the market are usually filled with harmful preservatives and additives, whilst having no nutritional value. Our syrups differ from the competition, as they are cold processed = high in nutritions and made from organic ingredients.


Tasty and Healthy Organic Herbal Syrups

Every single one of our delicious organic syrups are available in 500 ml bottles and they can be purchased online, from our distributors but also from selected health food shops, fine food shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and organic markets. We are dedicated to providing a high quality product that is healthy and delicious to all of our customers. Our delicious and nutritious syrups are sure to be hit no matter where they’re sold! If you’re interested in purchasing our syrups for your bar or restaurant, or you just want to keep our delicious organic herbal syrups to yourself, then don’t hesitate to contact us today! We promise you will love the taste and health benefits of our herbal syrups and cordials.