Serving Suggestions

Cold Refreshment/Flavoured Soda

Add sparkling or soda water and serve as a home-made refresher in individual glasses or jugs (use a slice of orange for aesthetic appeal), great alternative to soft drinks, especially for children in 1:10 ratio, each bottle makes 5.5 litres.

Cocktails and Mocktails

The Mint for Mojitos and Caprioskas is absolutely amazing. Ginger can be added to beer to create ginger beer. Delicious floral Elderflower is popular with vodka or white run.

Dessert and Ice-Cream Toppings, Milkshake flavourings

Pancakes with Elderflower Syrup are delicious!

Hot Chocolate Flavours

Ginger Hot Chocolate or Mint Hot Chocolate are delicious 

Warm Soothers

Just add warm water in 1:8 ratio

Tea Sweetener/Flavour


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